WYSE Winterm hacking


One of us received a couple of WYSE WinTerm 3320SE Windows CE based terminals some time ago. Unfortunately, they couldn't really be used for what they were meant for. Since this model was abandoned by WYSE already, there is no firmware available to make them speak RDP 5.1, which is necessary to get a desktop with a decent amount of colours. Using the ICA protocol was not an option because there were no Citrix servers available. And then again, a terminal that speaks only RDP and ICA isn't really useful on non-Windows networks.

So then, what does the average geek do with a decently specced x86-compatible box? Right, try to run Linux (or any other portable OS) on it!

So that's what we're now doing for some time already. Because of various reasons we can't share all our code yet, but we hope to do that soon, since we know how much vapourware sucks. :-)

Of course, we don't know how much all the Winterm models are alike. We know that at least some of them (including the 3320SE) have a Cyrix/NS MediaGX (now owned by AMD) CPU, but others are 486-based. This site won't be of much use for those models, probably, but fortunately there are more projects like this. If some of the software on this site works for you on a different model, please tell is so we can add it to the compatibility list.

Last of all, the standard disclaimer stuff. We're not related to WYSE in any way, and if anything from this site breaks your Winterm, we can't be held responsible. So use it at your own risk. We tested it all on our equipment, but there's still this thing called Murphy's law, and there's nothing we can do about that.