Right now you can download enough tools to get Linux working! It's still not a trivial task, so take your time and read all the documentation before you start if you don't want to break your hardware. Also, please mail us your problem/success reports! Especially if you're on a different model than we are, so we can make a nice (in)compatibility list.

There will be more downloads later. More drivers, nice chroots and USB disk images. But for now we'll leave that part to your imagination. It'll probably be convenient to have some NFS-root ready for the machine. If you like Debian, you can easily use debootstrap to create one. It will require some customization, of course. Some things to pay attention to:

Have fun! And please don't forget to inform us about your progress! We give you this software, and we'd like useful information in exchange. In this project, user feedback is probably even more important than usual!

Oh yeah, you can get the actual files here. :-)

For a DamnSmallLinux image that runs on the Winterms, see